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Cancelled Concerts – Conditions of Repayment

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Nicolas Rosès

If you have purchased tickets for cancelled concerts, either individually or by subscription, you have three options. To allow you to proceed, please find below our online form :


1. Support the Orchestra

By choosing not to apply for a refund, you are supporting the Strasbourg Philharmonic Orchestra.  

2. Benefit from a credit for the season 2020|2021

If you bought your tickets in 2020 at the Orchestra's box office, at the 5ème lieu or by phone, you can request the transfer of your purchase credits to the 2020|2021 season by filling out the form which will be available online shortly. Credits will only be valid for purchases at the Orchestra box office or by telephone.

If you bought your tickets in 2019 or on our website in 2020, credits are unfortunately not possible and we invite you to apply for a refund.

3. Request a refund

For tickets purchased in 2019 :
reimbursement will be made by bank transfer in the coming months. We invite you to send us your bank details and a photo of the original of your tickets via the form which will be available online shortly.

For tickets purchased in 2020 :
• If you bought your tickets on the Orchestra's website and paid by credit card, once your application has been registered and your tickets transmitted, the refund will be automatically made to the bank account used for payment, as soon as possible.
• If you bought your tickets at the Orchestra box office, at the Boutique culture, at the 5ème Lieu or by telephone, refunds in cash, by cheque or by credit card will be possible at the Orchestra box office at the Palais de la musique et des congrès when the building reopens, on presentation of the original tickets. Refunds by cheque and bank transfer will also be possible for those unable to travel to the Palais de la Musique et des Congrès (please note: the processing time for refunds by bank transfer may take several months).

Special cases

The persons in charge of groups must send a RIB to the following address

Teachers must send their school or establishment RIB to the following address 

We will do our very best to respond to your requests as soon as possible and thank you for your patience during this special period.